The Next Big Idea Fall Undergraduate Pitch Competition 2022


The Next Big Idea Pitch Competition is sponsored by the Mercer Innovation Center and is aimed at encouraging Mercer students to think innovatively and become entrepreneurs. This year, there will be a competition held for undergraduates on Thursday Dec. 1 in Macon, Georgia at the Mercer Innovation Center.


There will be up to $6,000 in prizes awarded.

How to Compete:

Any currently enrolled (2022-2023) Mercer University undergraduate student on any campus of any major or year may submit an application. Submissions may be entered by individuals or teams. Each individual or team may enter one idea, and participate on only one team. At least one member of the team must be a currently enrolled Mercer University student. Other teammates can be students at other universities. Teams are encouraged to seek the involvement of faculty, alumni, staff, fellow students, and from people in the business community to provide feedback on the idea and on the deliverables.


  • Registration opens October 1st. You can register at
  • On Sunday Nov. 20 by 11:59pm you will submit an executive summary
  • On Wednesday Nov. 23 finalists will be announced
  • On Thursday December 1st the top finalists will pitch their ideas from 3-6pm

Download the Next Big Idea Information Sheet for Fall 2022 Undergraduate Pitch Competition

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